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I’m an SF based Art Director, Design Lead, hybrid Brand Strategist with over a decade of experience helping brands engage, entertain, and grow across all platforms. I've run the B2B B2C gamut, from acquired startups to freelance in both small business + big tech, to now full remote at Twitter. Also passionate in providing new perspectives to solving inefficiencies with technology, driving teams towards operational and visual excellence on a global scale.

Corporate jargon aside...I also live to go adventuring, upvote memes, design all the things, make the world a better place, and gratuitously use the plus sign. Value driven ENFP all about fostering growth + learning on my teams, open communication, mental + physical wellness, and creating an inclusive environment as we work towards a common goal.



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With my degree in Web & Interactive Media Design and experience collaborating with cross functional teams in different creative industries cross genre (TV, web, mobile, gaming, fashion, events), I'm able to provide feedback or oversee productions from concept (storyboarding, mockups, layouts, wire framing, user research) to completion (visual design, photoshoots, video shoots, editing, motion graphics, styling, visual continuity, user testing). 


We can refine or even reinvent your brand identity. Starting by evaluating what resonates with the target audience, going into making sketches, mockups, logos, style guides, and finally full integration into different platforms (social marketing, responsive design for media, integrated collateral, internal and external communications, etc.)


I can provide strategies within operations (best practices in supply chain optimization, sourcing, buying, customer flow, employee retention), branding (mission statement, style guide, logo, packaging, signage), and marketing (customer experience, visual merchandising, content creation, promotions). Offering a full plan on which applications to use, vendors to resource, timelines to achieve, budgeting to keep on track financial goals.

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or manually drop a line at me@melanieeusebio.com.  )

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