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08. field marketing


2018 Conferences Google Marketing Live & Google Cloud Next.

Role: Field Marketing Specialist

PM Jake Morris

BA Lead Stephanie Kong
BA Stephanie Duaz


Every year Google hosts Google Marketing Live, an invitation only event for advertising leaders and engineers to come together to learn about new Google Ad platform updates and other marketing technologies. This year’s event was hosted at the San Jose Convention center, not too far from Google’s headquarters. 


Contracted by Optimist Inc, our team worked promotions in the Product Sandbox . This area was dedicated to live demonstrations of the products on the Google Marketing Platform and Google Ads such as Google Analytics, YouTube Ads, Google Cloud etc. My role was behind the Beta Bar, helping attendees sign up for betas relevant to their specific industry needs. 


Google Next is a user conference that showcases the Google Cloud portfolio- with over 20,000 attendees, 400 sessions including keynotes, bootcamps and labs led by Googlers, and more. A space where developers, executives, and IT professionals can utilize cloud technologies to innovate and grow their companies.


Hired by Sparks as Brand Ambassador, our duties included hosting the machine learning station in Moscone Center. We generated interest and directed attendees to sign up for sessions with Googlers to learn more about products that utilize cloud artificial intelligence services such as Auto ML.

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